Principal Desk

 " Education is to be enjoyed and imbibed for life"

This is our mission at SACHKHAND CONVENT SCHOOL, ABOHAR. Every child is endrorsed with same inherent and innate power, which can be exposed through education.The need of an hour is to shift from remembering to understanding,accepting to questioning and reading to reflecting.Sudendts need to think,reflect andenquire.Our curriculum is designed to achieve the same.

The heart of education is after all the education of the heart.We want our students to develop valuable life skills and become more independent,resilient and confident individual who are able to come out of their comfort zones and deal confidentely with any uncertainties or challenges that mayconfront them in future.Our team of qualified teachers has been specially trained to provide personalised attention to every student.

The biggest challenge faced by the educator of today is to prepared students for the challenges of a globalise world.Students of today face a world that continually demand new-knowledge and abilities;a world that requires the students to become adaptable,life long learner in an ever changing scenario of new skills & competencies.They also need tobe good communicators,be able to relate well withother people and to think critically and creatively.Our school is committed towards imparting these skills.Students not only learn,but they learn how toto learn,not just in school but beyond as well.

The school will continue its endeavour toward providing holistic and quality education by infusing each and every student with the zeal to be passionate about learning as well as to be engaged and inspired.We want every student to be nurtured into strong,reflective and responsive individuals who are confident and adaptable in meeting the challenges and opportunities of this rapid changing world.

Alveena Daniel