Parents Review

I am very glad that my daughter got second rank. It’s all because of her hard work. Staff of this school also helped her to make her successful in studies. I am very proud of this school and my daughter. I wish all students of this school gets success and remain blesses by God.

Thank You
Mr. Raman Watts

We liked this school so much. Our child developed a lot in this school.The teachers and students are very co-operative.Teachers are doing a lot of labour for the development of child.

Thank You
Mrs. Seema Watts

There is a lot of security in the school.There are many facilities in this school.

Thank You
Mrs. Seema Kamboj

It’s a proud moment for me and my family members as my daughter stood first in VIII grade.One thing I would like to add my daughter is not only good at studies but also she has done her all round development. The credit goes to her teachers and the school. My dream as parent is my daughter brings laurels to Sachkhand Convent School.

Thank You
Mr. Anil Chugh

I am so impressed with the learning techniques used by hardworking teachers and the hands on activities. My daughter enjoys the learning atmosphere here the most.Sachkhand Convent School  is an excellent place to study in Abohar. I am happy that I made the right choice of coming here for the overall development of my daughter.

Thank You
Mr. Atul Preet & Sardha Devi

 It is certified that my daughter Ishita is a student of your school in class KG in session 2016-17. In last session I admitted my daughter in your school. Although it is just one year of my experience in school. Yet we liked your school a lot than the previous one. In your school a lot of activities are performed. The staff is well educated and experienced. The teachers are very caring and active as well as encourage our children confidence. My daughter was very shy earlier but as she joined your school, she became very confident and participated in many activities, which were held in your school. She performed very well in games, annual function and exams also and she got position in all these activities.

Thank You
Mr. Bharat Kumar

Hareside is a fantastic school and I am very happy with everything about it. We are very happy as parents that our daughter is happy at the school and enjoys coming to school. My children have made fantastic progress at Hareside my sincerest thanks to all involved.I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. The school responds to any concern I raise. The school is very good. The staff is friendly and treats the children like their own children. The teaching standard is high. My daughter has improved her reading and skills. I would recommend this school to another parent.
Fantastic School, Fantastic Staff Outstanding

Thank You

Mr. Deepak  Aneja

Iam very grateful to “Sachkhand Convent School” who make me completely satisfied with the progress of my daughter. I honestly recommend this school to my friends & relatives. The staff of this school are welcoming, laborious and caring. Whenever I face any kind of issue, as soon as possible they took the action. I am very grateful the teachers of this school, who plays a vital role in the academic development & growth of my daughter.

Thank You
Mr. Raj Kumar
Mrs. Sonia

We, the parents of Rimsim are proud of her achievement. She has done so much hard work to get good marks in exam and this is all because of her teachers who helped her to study. I am very happy from this school. I pray that all the students of this school get achievement like her.

Thank You
Mr. Ranbeer Singh & Preet Singh

I am really pleased with how well my son has progressed in year one. My two children are studying in this school & they both are doing very well in all fields. Thanks for all the help that the school gives.

Thank You
Mr. Aman Jyoti
Mrs. sonia Jyoti

A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and environment for the teaching of students under the direction of well educated teachers.  My children are the students of Sachkhand Convent School. This is the matter of proud for me. Chapters are cleared to the students through the smart classes. The atmosphere of school is very charming. My children are making enough progress. This is the only school in Abohar, which gives scholarship to the rank holders I thankful for your hard work and cooperation. 

Thank You
Mr. Sudhir Kumar