The library is a spring of open minds. At SACHKHAND high  it's dynamic - equipped with books, magazines and CDs covering a wide range of subjects across 8000 book titles. The books, magazines and CD/DVDs are bar coded. Hence the teachers and students can view and search for any book online using keywords or the author's name.

Sachkhand Convent  School, Abohar  has a spacious and multi-media equipped library that caters with different sections to the needs of Primary , middle and senior school students. The library is completely automated system that arranges all the available resources like books, journals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other knowledge books. The students can do self-study or research work in a silent, calm and relaxed surrounding. Two librarians are available for any help or assistance to the students as the need may be. The librarians are responsible for the upkeep of the library apart from maintaining the inventory and stocks up-to-date. They ensure that the library serves as the nurturing ground for the budding talents in Sachkhand Convent  School.

We have well equipped digital library. There are two library for junior and senior. Wide range of book in various field like Art, Culture, Science, Technology, journal, Magazines with the latest edition.