House System


Every pupil who enters the school is assigned to one of four Houses, Staff are also assigned to Houses and attend termly House meetings.
However, the  House Governer  is responsible for the overall management of the House System .
The House System helps the students to build strong links with other pupils across the school. It allows for cross-year group competition in sports, music, art, photography and public speaking. The House System also allows for friendly competition.  
House Celebration of Personal Achievement
Recognition of performance is provided in a variety of ways and given public profile at full school assemblies with the awarding of weekly, termly and yearly House trophies. This may also involve individual recognition for academic, sporting, musical or similar achievements. House Points can be awarded to pupils for academic performance, effort, industry, general good behaviour .

The school house has been conceived not as a concept, not also as a system but as a social movement as a way of life in the new millennium of learning and growing learning to face challenges of life providing comprehensive development of the students.
The school has four houses:-

Tagore House     Vivekananda House         Teresa House       Bhave House

The School is divided into four houses. Each boy is placed in one of the four houses. Each house is has been assigned a ‘Colour’ which differentiates one from the other.
The House System is devised to promote the qualities of leadership, responsibility, team spirit and positive self esteem in boys.
Healthy inter house Competitions in various activities are held. The House System also provides an excellent way of meeting boys outsides one's class and age group, all of whom have a common goal and purpose.

Each house is headed by a House Governer. House Meetings are held at fortnightly intervals to discuss and plan the house related work.