A Separate Air Cooled Hostel block exists in the campus itself. It has been designed meticulously to fulfill the requirements of children of  all age groups. It includes separate dormitories for Juniors and   Seniors. The Junior  & Senior dormitories are adequately spacious having attached wash rooms, changing rooms and with separate bed, study table cupboard etc.

Filtered mineralised  drinking water with water cooler is available for 24 hours. uninterrupted power supply is ensured in the hostel building round the clock with the help of power Generator. To make proper use of free time the Boarders are provided with in-door game facilities.   

1. Prep Classes and extra coaching Classes for Boarders : 
Residential teachers, who also act as tutors, take prep classes. Each tutor is given the responsibility of 8 to 10 students. He       monitors the academic performance of the students and guides them from time to time.

2. Diet and Dinning:  
Almost care is taken in cooking and serving a well balanced nutritious diet. The school authorities check every meal before it is     served to the students. Most hygienic mess has the capacity of 70 students to dine at a time serves pure wholesome vegetarian food. Four meals ( Breakfast with Milk, Morning Snacks, Lunch. Evening Snacks with milk, Fruits and Dinner) are served in a day. Dorm Parents  dine with the students and personally look after each student's eating habit. To ensure health and hygiene,food id cooked in modern cooking system. Traditional dishes of various states like Gujarat, Punjab and South are specialty of the Mess.

3. Laundry:   
To maintain the high standard of personal hygiene all clothes of children are washed and ironed in the laundry only.

4. Activities of the Boarders:
Morning Conditioning Exercise,  Evening Games, Coaching in Various Subjects (by resident Teachers), Meditations, Watching TV. (English News & Selected Serials). Along with these weekly outing,Annual Tour & Excursions during Diwali  break are also organised without fail.  

The school provides fully air conditioned hostel facilities separately for boys and girls admitted to classes Nursery and above. The Director Mrs. Anu Ahuja is assisted by Hostel Supervisors, Dorm I/cs  to look after children, their living conditions, meals, studies, games, sports, and co-curricular activities. Hostel Fee includes the folowing charges:-----

Total Annual Charges for Boarders (in addition to academic expenses mentioned already)

1. The Boarders shall have to pay total Annual charges (including registration Fee, Admission Fee, Admission Fee for     hostel, Room Rent, Annual Charges, Mess Charges & Air-Conditioner Charges)

2. Hostel charges and fees are non-refundable. Any Boarder relinguishing hostel in mid- session will have to  surrender/diposit hostel and other charges for the whole year.

3. Boarders will have deposit Rs. 35,000/- at the time of the admission and balance amount can be remitted in two equal installments as:-

1. Rs. 1000/- shall be given concession to those hosellers who deposit the full hostel charges, tutuion fee & admission     fee etc. at the time of admission

2. Rs. 500/- penalty will be charged with effect from 16th july and additional of Rs. 250/- will be charged on each     subsequent belated month. Similarly Rs. 500/- will be charged as penalty for the last installment with effect from 11     December and additional penalty of Rs. 250/- per month will be recovered on each subsequent belated month. the     Student will not be allowed to appear in examination if he does not square up the whole hostel account prior to     11th February.

3. Rs. 2000/- concession will be available to the 2nd chld of the same parents in Hostel Charges.

4. Every Boarder will have to submit prescribed Medical form duly filled in at the time of admission to Hostel. Student is     medically examined every week/fortnightly.

5. Medical expenses during stay in Hostel shall be charged as per amount actually spent.