Grade ( I - V)

Primary School Classes ( I - V)

At the Primary School:

We  have compiled the school’s own curriculum for all subjects.
Pupils receive the knowledge, skills, key qualifications and learning strategies that they need to study successfully.
The subjects on offer are specifically targeted to challenge each pupil as an individual, thanks to various methods, independent study, project-oriented work, guided learning and presentations.
We place particular emphasis on the development and growth of the child’s overall character.
Hindi, Punjabi  and English language skills are boosted in many different ways.
We offer extensive afternoon activities on a voluntary basis.


Lessons focus on developing confidence and competence in the spoken language. Children will respond to stories, retell them, identify main events, setting and characters, explore the meaning of new words and act out stories.

Texts include: “Stories with familiar settings”, ”Traditional and fairy tales” , “Stories from other cultures”, “Poems and Rhymes” and “Information texts”-  the exact choice is up to the teacher.

Children will also be encouraged to tell their own stories or describe events from their own experiences, ask and answer questions and explain their views to others.

We, the teachers at Sachkhand  reach the hearts before teaching concepts. We believe in the holistic development of each and every child under our care. We challenge our children to explore, learn and grow in a safe and friendly environment. We ensure that learning progression from the known to the unknown is smooth and comfortable.

Apart from Academics, we inculcate good values, healthy physical development, love for dance & music & oratory skills in our children. Children are also taken for educational field trips with teachers to develop their real world knowledge which enhances the concepts and motivate them to learn more. Class assemblies are conducted, wherein children are given chance to exhibit their talents. We provide the opportunity for creativity. The students learn activities like dance, music, art and craft, games, public speaking, GK and life skills in their regular periods. Students are motivated to participate in various outdoor and indoor games.

The teachers understand the children and help create a happy environment for them not only to gain education but also to inculcate the important values required as they grow. Understanding the children, the teacher is able to bring out the hidden talents in them and open a world of opportunities .Love and Care is given at all times and the teacher is always there to help the child with his or her little needs