Sachkhand  Convent  School ‘s 5 acre campus, situated in serence backdrop of Abohar providing pollution fre & noise free atmosphere congenial for health and studies, includes fields and woodlands as well as Academic and Administrative buildings and dormitories. Much of the campus including  Academic and Administrative  Cemtre, Resource Centre, Fully Air-conditioned Dormitories separately for Boys and Girls , Health Centre, Food Mart, Athletics, Skating Rink, Swimming Pool, Separate for Seniors and Juniors, Modren Computers Lab, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs, STD, PCO, Dining hall, Library, Power Supply and Staff Quarters.



The favourite hount for all the students is the School Canteen. The Canteen serves hot, fresh & nutritious food and snacks for students. It is mandatory for students of Nursery, K.G. to Class XII to bring snacks and a healthy lunch from home. The teachers inculcate them table manners and the need for healthy food. The canteen seves fress juices, flavoured milk and cold cold drinks also. The Canteen provides stationery also to the students


Only vegetarian food is served to the hostellers prepared in Desi Ghee. All the Residential Staff members share the same food, balanced food is served to all students


         Today’s world is the ‘ World of Presentation’ ; may it be a ‘knowledge’ presentation or may it be a ‘commodity’ presentation. Our school has spacious Hi-Tech Computer lab with internet facility. Sachkhand Convent School Computer Labs are well equiped. Students are expected to use it properly to get all the benifits it can provide.


Library is the storehouse of knowledge and books. The school has a large library stocked with books, periodicals and audio-visual CD’s. It focuses on developing the reading habits in children through celebrating theme based weeks, namely Science Week , fairy tales Week, Poetry week, Animal Week etc. where various activities like story telling, story writing, poetry writing, quiz etc. take lace. These activities not only help children to develop interest in reading & enhancing reading skills but they also get introduced to new subjects.


There  are Four Houses Viz.  Vivekananda  House, Tagore House,  Teresa House & Vinoba Bhave House headed by a House Governers who is responsible for the welfare of each child in the house. The students is allotted one of the houses immediately after his admission in the school.


 Children are taught folk, light and classical music along with instruments such as sitar, harmonium, bango Cosio etc. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers of melody and rhythm. The School organizes an excurision & tours. Classes organize trips. For the safety of the Two Wheelers of students,Parking facility is made available in the school campus.


The children are encouraged to create their own colourful interpretations of what they see around them. Under the able guidance of the Art & Craft teacher.


The school provides two separate Swimming Pools for Seniors and Juniors. Students are given through knowledge about how to Swim. Those wishing to avail of the swimming classes must enroll themselves with the coach. Coaching classes for all age groups are conducted during the Holidays.


Sachkhand Convent School has the Language Lab to improve the students listening as well as speaking skills along with their reading and writing skills, in order to make them ready to face the international language.